Streamlined Workflows

Built and supported by people with experience running front offices in hearing care clinics

Sycles audiology software expedites patient intake, increases communication across the clinic, reduces errors by eliminating manual or dual data entry, and ultimately gives you more time to focus on an exceptional patient experience.

With Sycle, everything for a smooth-running front office is in one place.

You have the freedom to focus on your multitude of daily tasks — whether it be scheduling, patient communications, taking payments, or creating a new digital form with Sycle custom form builder — all without missing a beat.

Our workflows and tools are built to handle your front office activities with security, reliability, and ease.

“I wanted to streamline everything into ONE system. So we did that with Sycle.

It’s nice to be able to go into Sycle and track everything in one place.”


Sycle Front Office Features

Patient Management

The tools and workflows you need for a smooth-running front office…from initial patient engagement—to the first visit—to ongoing communications and return visits. Sycle’s Patient Intake Portal allows patients to complete intake forms before arriving and view upcoming appointments. Text & Email Appointment Reminders automatically engage and remind patients to lower the number of no-shows.

Business Efficiencies & Digitization

Maintain visibility and quick access to the key administrative tasks that help provide an exceptional patient experience. Features such as Custom Form Builder and eDocs save time and cost, and enable digital data management.

Insurance & Managed Care

Complete and submit HCFA-1500 forms with ease and submit with more confidence, either by fax or electronically. Reduce loss potential by managing covered visits and expenses in Managed Care.

Payments & Financing

Streamline the payment process with swipe & go integrated payment processing for checks and credit cards. Patient Financing Sync gives patients options from multiple financing providers to fit their budget and helps them to walk out with hearing devices the same day.

Business Growth

Stay in tune with patient perspectives to improve or develop new service offerings. Utilize digital and direct marketing to grow your practice.

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