An All-In-One View Of Patient Information

Patient Summary


Patient management. All in one place. Easy to access.

Key Benefits

  • Provides a comprehensive view and management of all patient information
  • Action buttons allow staff to quickly perform tasks like editing patient profile information or adding call backs from the patient summary screen
  • Layout makes information easily accessible and scannable (minimizes slow downs due to data searching)

Clinical Benefits

  • Providers have the entire patient ‘story’ at their fingertips
  • Review clinical information such as hearing test results
  • Review current devices to ensure they can support changes in hearing
  • Access and view patient chart history from within the summary

Overall Practice Benefits

  • Expansive ‘long-page’ view of patient data increases office workflow efficiencies
  • Information is updated in real time, improving cross-practice communication between the front office, providers, the back office, and owners
  • Data and information research is expedited with quick links to items such as past or upcoming appointments and invoices

The patient summary provides comprehensive insight and management of all activities within Sycle. Information is quickly viewed, updated, and available in real time within the system.

Other profile information is also available including recall information — clinic & provider — patient financing options — referral source — customer groups — employment and student status — marital status — privacy consents (HIPAA, contact) — emergency contact — responsible party — background (historical providers) — and patient clinical and business notes.

Prior appointments are listed in chronological order, with quick links to the appointment summary.

Care plan information such as hearing test results, CaptionCall, and LACE is easily accessible for ongoing planning.

Detailed information on current equipment is displayed, enabling providers to align current equipment with hearing needs and staff to quickly handle repair orders, replacements, or accessories.

Detailed device information is also provided in an easy-to-read format to give quick visibility into other patient equipment — remotes — tracked accessories — repairs — purchase quotes — and invoices.

Insurance information is displayed, including HCFA insurance forms — insurance check lists — and managed care status.

To help with patient management and outreach efforts, historical communications are also easily accessible within the Patient Summary.

Patient portal information and messaging are also available, allowing front office staff to plan the day’s patient intake timing and flow more accurately.

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