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Audiology Software designed with more than 20 years of input from hearing care providers

Sycle’s provider features and workflows are built to give you more access to the data you need and, most importantly, more clinic time to focus on caring for your patients.

Sycle understands that for hearing care providers, time is always at a premium.

With fingertip access to the patient summary – including chart notes and test results, and integrations with key systems such as Noah and LACE, Sycles audiology software enables you to focus on addressing patient needs and seeing more patients in your practice.

Plus, with additional tools like mobile calendar sync, your clinic schedule is always available, any time, anywhere.

“I can, very quickly and easily, check-in and see what’s going on. Because we have multiple offices, having that ability is key.

No matter where someone calls into, they can get scheduled at whichever office is most convenient for them. That really helps us out a lot.”


Sycle Provider Features

Patient Management

  • Spend more time focusing on patient interaction with quick and easy access to key information. Integrate Noah for better and more streamlined case management. Offer more convenience to patients who are transportation challenged with easy to set up Telehealth appointments.

Lifelong Care

Support patients as they move along the continuum of hearing care. Offer Listening & Communication Enhancement (LACE) to help improve current hearing. Know when and how to refer patients with severe to profound hearing loss for a cochlear implant evaluation.

Business Efficiencies

Reduce time spent on administrative tasks and follow up. Securely access the information you need to plan your schedule from any office, at home, or from your mobile phone.

  • Provider calendar views
  • Mobile calendar sync
  • Seamless information flow between
    • Front office
    • Provider
    • Back-office
    • Owner

Managed Care

Enable managed care patients maximize their covered services and help them to make informed decisions about additional care options.

Payment & Finance

Get on-demand visibility into key provider-related financial reports.

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