Patient Intake Portal


Reduce manual paperwork. Increase front office efficiency.

Key Features

  • Send online intake forms to patients for completion prior to their appointment
  • Patient intake responses imported directly into Sycle
  • Increased convenience and ease for patients
  • Patients see upcoming clinic appointments and clinic contact information

Clinical Benefits

  • More focus on the patient
  • Better in-clinic experience
  • Automated notifications minimize delays

Overall Practice Benefits

  • Automate patient intake
  • Streamline in-office workflows
  • Reduce paper
  • Eliminate transcription errors

Manage patient forms from a central management area.

Quickly view activity and tasks by clinic location.

Patients complete forms when it is convenient for them. Completed information automatically populates into Sycle for faster appointment intake and fewer transcription errors.

Patients are provided with quick visibility into upcoming appointments.

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