Reduce errors, time, and lost revenue.

Key Features

  • Accept and track multiple insurance payers for each patient.
  • Add “Due from Insurance” to any invoice
  • Generate a HCFA-1500 and autofill with patient, appointment, & purchase information
  • Print completed HCFA-1500 form for insurance billing

Clinical Benefits

  • Reduce the additional cost and time in provider administrative tasks required for patients with insurance
  • Provide affordable services to patients through insurance billing

Overall Practice Benefits

  • Increase revenue through accurate insurance billing for clinic services
  • Properly manage invoices by adding amounts that are due from insurance and due from the patient
  • Ability to write-off amounts not paid by insurance payers
Insurance claim

Accept and track multiple insurance payers for each patient.

Manage costs, payments, and care by easily viewing the estimated benefits within the insurance screen.

HCFA Form for Grid

HCFA-1500 forms are easily generated, including pre-populated fields from the patient profile.

Quickly proof, print, and submit.

Insurance LCaim

Ensure accurate reimbursement for care.

Easily keep track of amounts due and payments from 3rd party payers and patients.

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