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 The first stage of Sycle’s powerful new digital clinic solution, Document Management and eSignature, makes life easier for your patients and team. Modern, paperless, and easy-to-use, it’s a fresh approach with big wins.

Document Management and Storage

Easily Find What You Need

Documents serve different needs at different times. The new Sycle Document Management and Storage offers options to manage multiple needs and stages. 

  • Organize – Make it easy to find documents with searchable tags
  • Rename – Change naming as needed, whether a draft to a final policy or simply a date change 
  • Share – Upload a file to a patient’s profile and share electronically. No office visit required
  • Delete – Remove documents as needed. Saved for 30 days before permanently deleted.
  • Archive – Retain documents for historical reasons when no longer needed in the patient document section. Bring them back from the archives in one quick click.

Wins for your team

  • Begin the paperless evolution, save postage and paper expense
  • Easily upload files in different formats, including a pdf, a text file, an image file, and more
  • Fast drag and drop into our upload tray or scan a file directly into the system
  • Quick and easy filtering process by assigning tags
  • Enable your team to see many different document types at one time without having to navigate through different folder structures
  • Find only what you need. Quickly and easily filter the document list to only what documents you want to see
  • Multiple filters including, working seamlessly with other filters such as file type, patient name, and even modified date(s)
  • Keep care partners, such as physicians, connected with shared patients
All actions around managing digital documents can be granted or restricted by user role security.

Electronic Signature Capture

With Sycle’s new eSignature feature, your team will save incredible amounts of time and you’ll create a smoother patient experience. Benefits include:

  • Easily send documents for signature to multiple people, such as patients, providers, or physicians. 
  • Options for when and where. Signing can occur at the clinic or remotely via an email invitation containing a link for signature.

You can even organize the signing order and capture signatures starting with the first person who needs to sign through to the final signature. Those signatures can also be on-site or remote. Plus, your signing workflow can be customized if multiple signatures for the same contact are needed multiple times.

More digital clinic features are coming soon! E-doc templates will help you say goodbye to paper and make it easy for you to create, update, and use electronic templates.

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