Say GoodBye to Double Entry

Sycle + PayJunction – the most robust integrated solution for hearing clinics

Powered by PayJunction, the payment process in Sycle couldn’t be easier. This month-to-month service uses an integrated Smart Terminal and supports Apple Pay, Android Pay, Google Wallet, EMV chip cards, and NFC. You’ll streamline patient payments through:
  • Simple processing of credit cards and checks
  • Convenient payment options – phone, online, and recurring payments
  • Central entry in one system, cutting processing effort in half
  • Protection from new bank-initiated chargebacks

Boost productivity. Reduce costs. Improved experience.

Make it easier for your team

  • Schedule recurring transactions to save time
  • Comes with integrated Smart Terminal
  • Conveniently capture electronic signatures

Decrease operating costs and reduce risk

  • Cut down on errors with single data entry
  • Protect information with PayJunction’s Level 1 PCI Compliant security

Create a better patient experience

  • Offer convenient options, including automatic payments, invoices by email, on-line payments, and compliant receipts
  • Alert patients to monthly credit card charges easily through email
  • Securely store “card on file” for easy patient payments.

Serious Savings - Two Clinic Examples

$16,766 a year in savings 1 location, $70k a month in volume

$4,800 a year in savings 3 locations, $60k a month in volume

Integrated payments with PayJunction streamline the patient payment process.

Single system entry

Easier for your team

Options for your patients

See how Sycle can transform your practice

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