Sycle Noah Sync


Clinical information. Securely at your fingertips.

Key Features

  • App-based access to the complete Noah platform  – choose whichever Noah-compatible modules you need
  • Eliminates the time and risk of data dual-entry. Key audiogram values (tonepoints, MCL, etc.) are synchronized and available within Sycle

Clinical Benefits

  • Entire audiological record (test/fit information) is available for view from any clinic that has access to the patient record, i.e., fit in Denver, adjust in Phoenix
  • Supports mobile or offline testing in out-of-office settings such as care-homes or schools

Overall Practice Benefits

  • Easy self-install or Sycle will install for you
  • All Noah data stored securely in the cloud – better data access, recovery, and security
  • Share data between workstations and locations, no networking required

With access to the entire Noah platform, you have the flexibility to choose whichever Noah-compatible modules you need.

Data is automatically sync’d and available in Sycle.

Treatment is no longer limited by location. Any clinic that has access to the patient record within your Sycle license can securely see the entire audiological report.

Fit a hearing aid in Denver but have all the records available for an adjustment in Phoenix.

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