Key Features

  • 9 on-demand financial reports
  • View/analyze by a variety of filters
    • Date range
    • Clinic
    • Provider
  • Easily change filters for different views
  • Downloadable

Back Office Benefits

  • Easily accessible reporting
  • Variety of financial metrics
    • Summary reports
    • Aging
    • Open invoices
  • Segmented reports
    • HA vs total sales
  • Geographic reports
    • Sales by zip code

Overall Practice Benefits

  • Payment/outstanding balances at the patient level
  • Measure progress toward financial performance goals
    • Identify areas for improvement
    • Identify areas of star performance
Open Invoice Report

Sycle’s financial reports provide hearing care professionals insights into the areas most important to them.

Back office and financial staff get on-demand visibility into key metrics that impact revenue, such as open invoices.

Zip Code Sales

Summary reports, such as quick business reports, offer insights into clinic location performance in a variety of categories.

Zip code sales reports provide critical information on geographic patient coverage.

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