Patient auditory training & rehabilitation. Managed within Sycle.

Key Features

  • Native integration – launch the LACE portal within Sycle
  • Easily add/manage clinic locations in your LACE subscription

Clinical Benefits

  • Leverage LACE’s proven services as a part of your patient care plan
  • Access patient-level progress in LACE from the patient summary
  • Monitor patient progress and use Sycle communication tools to build better relationships

Overall Practice Benefits

  • Centralized management and administration
  • Easy set up and activation
  • Configurable alerts for patient inactivity and missed sessions

Access and management of clinic subscriptions is available within the Sycle Administration area. Notification settings for inactivity and missed sessions can be configured to help providers to monitor care plan progress.

The native integration of LACE into Sycle creates a streamlined and secure data connection. Providers are able to work seamlessly within the Sycle system to provide training to patients and conveniently monitor their progress.

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