Automate customer care. Say
Happy Birthday!

Key Features

  • Flexible tool to create reminders and recognize special achievements
  • Send based on dates or milestones, such as birthdays, cleaning reminders, or warranty reminders

Clinical Benefits

  • Create relationship-building follow up communications
  • Utilize dynamic fields for more personalization
  • Keep patients moving along their care path

Overall Practice Benefits

  • Handles a wide variety of patient letters
  • Create, manage, and edit via an intuitive dashboard
  • Copies of sent communications accessible via the Patient Summary

Create and customize patient letters specific to your clinic’s needs. Quick dashboard snapshots of each letter streamlines management and updating.

Enjoy the flexibility to chose between printing inhouse or utilizing a Sycle partner based on volumes, costs, timing, or other factors.

Easily manage the look, feel, and content in the streamlined editing tool. Manage letters by clinic location, including logo, addresses, and digital signatures.

Utilize automation with ‘sending’ rules based on patient segments and behaviors (filter in and filter out) as well as date, time, and events.

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