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Keep staff organized and focused

Call Lists

Move your patient care plans forward.

Key Features

  • Managed in master patient summary for ease of access and visibility
  • List updates in real time
  • Ability to quickly add/edit/update information
  • Ability to quickly update status

Clinical Benefits

  • Schedule follow-ups according to the patient’s care plan
  • Quick visibility into call back status
  • Follow-up notes provide visibility into patient conversation
  • Preview and prepare for appointments for a better patient experience

Overall Practice Benefits

  • Keep office staff focused and organized on patient follow-ups
  • Improve resource planning and efficiencies based on workload
  • Ensure important patient information is easily accessible in a secure environment
Call Lists

Daily call lists are compiled and populated on the Sycle dashboard for ease of access and prioritization.

Easily prioritize and track by type to ensure time-sensitive communications stay on track.

Call Lists

View a quick snapshot list of each patient with contact information that can be engaged with a simple click.

Call back reason notes and a link to appointment setting are provided to allow staff to perform the majority of work directly from this easy to use view.

Call Lists

An update button is provided to allow staff to easily summarize activity.

Prior notes are date- and time-stamped so practice staff can easily and quickly view all call back information.

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