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Keep Your Practice Organized

Schedule Management

Who, what, and when at your fingertips.

Key Features

  • Configure appointment types and times by clinic
  • Configure availability by provider
  • Configure schedule management permissions at the user level
  • New patient appointments and updates available in real time


Clinical Benefits

  • Easier and more streamlined planning for upcoming patient visits
  • Sync to your mobile device to view changes and updates when not at the clinic
  • Manage clinic time more efficiently

Overall Practice Benefits

  • One-click visibility across the practice
  • Filter by provider to find schedule availability and avoid double-booking
  • Filter by clinic location for more efficient resource planning
Schedule Management

Multi-level schedule views (month, week, day) allow for easy access to the right amount of detail, whether it be the current month or in the future.

Scheduled appointments can be filtered by provider, even across clinic locations.

Schedule Management

More detailed views are designed to give clinic staff (especially front office and providers) a quick snapshot of the day’s or week’s appointments.

Views can also be filtered by appointment types for better planning of patient flow.

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