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Quickly measure and monitor

Financial Reports

Key Features

  • 9 on-demand financial reports
  • View/analyze by a variety of filters
    • Date range
    • Clinic
    • Provider
  • Easily change filters for different views
  • Downloadable

Back Office Benefits

  • Easily accessible reporting
  • Variety of financial metrics
    • Summary reports
    • Aging
    • Open invoices
  • Segmented reports
    • HA vs total sales
  • Geographic reports
    • Sales by zip code

Overall Practice Benefits

  • Payment/outstanding balances at the patient level
  • Measure progress toward financial performance goals
    • Identify areas for improvement
    • Identify areas of star performance
Financial Reports Financial Reports

Sycle’s financial reports provide hearing care professionals insights into the areas most important to them.

Back office and financial staff get on-demand visibility into key metrics that impact revenue, such as open invoices.

Financial Reports Financial Reports

Summary reports, such as quick business reports, offer insights into clinic location performance in a variety of categories.

Zip code sales reports provide critical information on geographic patient coverage.

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Financial Reports

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