Sycle Director of Sales, Dan Sellers, and Sycle Product Manager, James Jensen, show how these new enhancements are designed to improve clinic productivity and promote profitability and include:

New Managed Care Appointment Counter

  • Tracks patients’ used vs. remaining appointments under their managed care plan, ensuring that patients can be billed appropriately once their managed care appointment quota is exceeded.

New Managed Care Purchase Workflow: Provides an easy means to accurately record a patient’s Managed Care hearing aid, promoting greater clinic operational efficiency.

New Managed Care Marketing Report: The report displays important Managed Care information and provides the clinic with the ability to run targeted marketing campaigns.

Enhanced Sales & Financial Reports with Managed Care Metrics: The sales report provides users with insight on what revenue is generated from Managed Care vs. Private Pay, creating the ability for clinics to identify which Managed Care programs are profitable for their business.

Enhanced Managed Care Section: View current and past Managed Care programs subscriptions.

For more information on the Sycle Managed Care product enhancements, download the user guide.

To learn how your practice can benefit from these new features, this webinar is a must-watch.

Watch the Sycle Managed Care Webinar Now

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