Our webinar, Sycle Private Practice Training Session: Reports, is now available for download!

The Sycle Training Series was created to provide an overview or refresher for staff members who may be working various roles in your clinic during this time. In this latest webinar recording, Jordan Gran, Sycle Training Specialist, will demo the Reports function in Sycle.

You will learn about:

  • Hearing Aid Sales & Total Sales: Shows not only your Sales, but the Returns, Exchanges, Cancellations, and Loss & Damages.
  • Sales Report: Ensures that all payments and invoices are created daily and posted to the patient’s account.
  • Aging Report: Shows invoices that have balances due by patients, and any insurance balances due allowing you to follow up with the insurance company.
  • Inventory Status: See all your In-Stock inventory and their statuses – In-Stock, Out on Loan, etc.
  • Appointment Status: Informs your staff how many Cancelled appointments, No Show appointments, and Open appointments for the previous week.
  • And more!

Watch the Video

For additional questions, please reach out to us at training@sycle.net or call 888.881.8975.

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