The partnership helps practices retain patients through a high-touch service and integration of data to simplify reminders.

Sycle & ESCO Announce New Integration

Sycle, the leader in practice management software for hearing clinics, has partnered with ESCO, the longstanding leader of independent loss and damage coverage for hearing aids, to offer ESCO’s innovative Custom Reminder Care program to Sycle clients, saving hearing clinics time in reminding patients of expiring warranties. 

The partnership is a double win that helps patients with their care and clinics with retention. It offers hearing aid warranty expiration reminders for patients with an option to enroll in ESCO coverage. Equally important, it helps minimize the chance that patients will shop around when their warranty expires.

Integrating the two solutions creates a simple and secure service for clinic owners. Warranty expiration data from Sycle is automatically sent to ESCO through a HIPAA-compliant data transfer process that happens completely in the background. The integration is included with the Sycle subscription at no extra charge.

The Benefits of ESCO and Sycle for Audiologists

The value of hearing aid coverage for patients is clear, but what about the benefits of this program for audiology practices? Here are three key reasons practitioners should take advantage of this program.

Proactively retain current patients

To keep the clinic staff engaged and the bottom line healthy, audiologists need to find new patients but should not forget existing patients. 

When hearing aid warranties run out, patients may start to explore other options or clinics for their hearing care, but tracking warranties requires significant time. The Sycle integration helps clinics get ahead of that possibility with valuable reminders to patients.

Through this free program, ESCO’s reminder letters can also plant the seed with patients who may be due for an upgrade of their device and get patients in the door for new hearing aids when they may not have recognized the need on their own.

Stay top of mind with patients

While branding may not be one of the top priorities in promoting a clinic, it’s important that a clinic’s brand name, logo, and even the faces of the staff are getting in front of patients as much as possible to build trust and connection.

Some providers only interact with patients during appointments or when the patient reaches out with questions or needs. Audiology clinics need to take advantage of touchpoints with their patients, even in something like a warranty renewal or clean-and-check reminders.

ESCO works with practice owners to customize the letters that patients receive, adding brand names, logos, and photos of the staff to ensure the practice is front and center and sending letters automatically thanks to Sycle’s warranty expiration data transfer. That proactiveness is very positive for branding the practice.

Save time while offering a valuable service to patients

There are some audiology practices that understand the importance of warranty coverage on hearing aids but just don’t have the time to reach out to clients before warranties lapse. By leveraging the Sycle and ESCO integration, this important process happens in the background, so providers can spend more time supporting patients and doing new patient outreach to grow the practice.

How Sycle and ESCO Work Together

This new Sycle and ESCO partnership makes ESCO’s Custom Reminder Care Program easier than ever. There are just a few steps to get started:

  1. ESCO will create a customized letter template, including the practice’s branding and staff or provider photos that will be sent to patients at set intervals
  2. Sycle connects seamlessly to ESCO, making the data transfer process automatic
  3. As patient device warranties are set to expire, ESCO sends customized letters to patients and handles the issuance of additional coverage

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