Blaise Delfino, Director of Operations at Audiology Services LLC, shares how his clinic was able to improve patient loyalty, build an online reputation, and operate more effectively by utilizing Weave, integrated directly within Sycle.


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According to Blaise, “Using Weave has transformed our business. Text messaging, inter-office chat, phone systems, and other features have enabled us to have higher-quality engagement with our customers. Plus, we’re operating the clinic in a much more efficient manner. That has had a major impact on driving practice growth.”

Blaise, along with Mico Picart, Sycle Strategic Partnerships Manager, and Dexter Vowles, Weave Partner Manager, demonstrate Sycle and Weave integration benefits and features, including :

  • Email Marketing. Professionalize and automate your emails by using pre-written templates, an image library, and call-to-action buttons.
  • Optimized Phone System. Use your established business number to handle all calls and messages on any device. 
  • Customized Texts. Create personalized text messages unique to each patient, appointment type, and appointment status.
  • Appointment Reminders. Save your front office the hassle of making call after call to remind patients of their upcoming appointments.
  • Weave Reviews. Schedule review requests to be sent by text to patients after appointments and keep track of your online reputation.

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