As part of our Sycle Thought Leadership Series, we hosted an interesting panel discussion, How Third-Party Referrals Can Impact Your Practice: The Negatives (and Positives) for Audiology Clinics where we tackle a major topic in the hearing healthcare landscape: Third-Party Referrals. Watch the video now…

We are pleased to share with you what was a fascinating conversation featuring notable industry leaders: Mary Bollinger (HIS, Clear Sound Hearing), Scott Weidemeyer (President & Owner of Hearingcare Revenue Group and Partner of American Hearing & Audiology), and Alex Crippin (Director of Operations, Hearing Associates, P.C.).

The discussion focused on key questions that impact all clinics, such as:

  • How/why did you decide to take part in Third Party Referrals? What was that process?
  • What has been the negative impact of Third-Party Referrals – effect on revenue and profitability?
  • What ways have you found to counter that impact – what is possible, what has worked for you?
  • What are the positive outcomes you’ve experienced?
  • How has the “Home Delivery Model” impacted this ecosystem?
  • Putting a Third Party Referral go-forward plan together – what do I do first?
  • What does Third Party Referral look like 5 years from now?

Download the Third-Party Referral Q&A Sheet to help answer some additional questions that our panelists discussed.

Listen to what was an engaging discussion, highlighting different perspectives, and answers to questions about a hot topic in our industry – you won’t want to miss this.

Watch the video now!
Also available for download, How OTC Hearing Aids Will Impact the Industry, a detailed whitepaper on the history and development of the OTC hearing aid market.

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