Kathy Sharo

Kathy enjoys inspiring, connecting, and creating conversations through amazing marketing. As VP of Marketing and Communications, she leads the go-to-market strategies for Sycle to build relationships and conversations with the hearing care industry.

Indra Lalari

Indra Lalari is a product management enthusiast and is driven by the purpose of healthcare. She has devoted 20+ years to providing product vision and leadership. Her areas of expertise include conceiving and building next-generation native cloud clinical and workflow […]

Indra Lowenstein

Indra is a multi-talented executive who has worked in many startups and technology companies in the Bay Area, such as Wired Ventures, Ozone Online, and TCHO Chocolate (yes chocolate!). Indra has been at Sycle since 2016. Her responsibilities include talent strategy, planning, and acquisition; management of performance recognition and reward processes; ensuring adherence to global compensation guidelines; employee benefits management; and the creation of employee skills-development programs.

Kelsey Fleming

Kelsey is a lover of clever technology, creative solutions, and cutting-edge software design. In the last decade, this obsession has led her to non-stop thinking about how to bring technology to the Hearing Care industry that improves the way providers serve patients. After 12 years in the Hearing Care space, Kelsey is passionate about walking in the practice’s “shoes” to truly find – and build – solutions that make their lives better and more efficient.

Rudy Grant

Rudy is an experienced leader with a career that spans startups and Fortune 50 companies. He has been working in Healthcare Information Technology for over 25 years with stints in Medical Imaging, Oncology and now Audiology. Rudy is passionate about […]

Jeremy Knudsen

Jeremy was born and raised in Utah. Early in his career, he spent time in Silicon Valley during the dot-com era, commuting from Utah to NYC, and doing consulting work in e-commerce.

Joel Lockwood

Joel is a seasoned executive with over 30 years of leadership and executive experience in the Technology sector, guiding teams across functional areas focused on delivering products and services to customers. His management experience includes enterprise, start-ups and agency organizations, working with F500 customers as well as small businesses. His specialty is the development of optimal growth strategies based on metrics and analysis.

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