Our partners at CaptionCall recently released a whitepaper written by Dr. Kelly Tremblay, Ph.D titled: How to Stay Connected and Productive in an Aging World. It’s a must-read.


It’s common knowledge that people are living longer. With aging comes physical and mental health decline, but the truth is, they need to lead an independent, socially connected life that stays strong no matter one’s age.


“Operating a smart phone, banking online and responding to electronic mail have all become required functions when participating in modern-day society. All of these demands put older adults at a disadvantage because baby boomers and even early generation X’ers (1965 – 1980) have not grown up with technology.”


Author of the whitepaper, Dr. Kelly Tremblay, Ph.D., Audiologist, Neuroscientist, and Advocate, provides a full picture of research on how assistive technology and strategies can be used to keep the older generation as connected and productive as possible.

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