The moment you find yourself running more than one database is the moment you will begin to find inaccuracies in your data. That’s why, as previously mentioned, it’s critical to synchronize your practice management software with your accounting software. It is equally critical to ensure all of your business and patient data is centralized within your practice management software as well.

As any small business owner will tell you, the work doesn’t stop when the clock strikes five. Owners and employees require access to accurate, up-to-date, business information at any given time. Single location practices and multiple location practices both reap the benefits of implementing a secure, private, cloud-based practice management solution – one that allows users with secure passwords and privileges access to it remotely.

Sycle’s private cloud-based practice management software provides several tools for centralizing all critical business and patient data.

Sycle NOAH Sync

By integrating practice management software with NOAH audiology software, Sycle helps eliminate one of the most time consuming areas of double entry providers face today. This best-in-class integration is the only one certified by HIMSA and is utilized by single-clinic and multi-clinic practices across the country.

Practices comprised of several offices also face challenges when patients float between locations and NOAH data isn’t readily available. Sycle’s NOAH synchronization tool solves this problem by storing all NOAH records and attaching them to the patient’s file. This means providers are able to see the patient’s most up to date NOAH information from any computer with an internet connection.


Similarly, integrating a paperless document storage solution with your practice management system ensures historical records, and any other documentation for that matter, are easily accessible from any computer or office location. Sycle eDocs allows user to scan and save all their paper documents so they are centralized digitally and organized clearly within the patient records.

Total Equipment Inventory

Hours can be lost tracking demos, loaners, repairs and other equipment. Bringing your inventory management online saves time and money by allowing total visibility into which devices and equipment are located where, and when they are past due or perhaps ready for delivery. Sycle’s Total Inventory module allows for the complete tracking of all your in-stock equipment. If it has a serial number, it can be tracked.

These are just a few examples of business-critical processes that, when centralized and integrated into your practice management software, can save providers hours and allow them more time to spend with patients.

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