Sycle customers rely on our practice management software to help them deliver the best hearing care for their patients. We want to provide users with tools and features that will help get you through the start of this year and beyond – all while optimizing the patient experience, too.


Say goodbye to searching for charts or documents that have been misplaced or misfiled. This costly and common occurrence is easily solved by going paperless with eDocs. Access files from anywhere with a HIPAA-compliant paperless office solution that is truly digital.

  • Increased efficiency by accessing your patient files in seconds. 
  • Remove serious costs by eliminating file cabinets, labor and storage space.
  • HIPAA compliant solution with triple redundancy and offsite backup protection.




These days (especially), convenience is the name of the game. With people obviously preferring to complete tasks online, why should booking appointments be any different? Provide your patients with 24/7 appointment booking flexibility while optimizing your staff’s time.

  • Boost profits by making your practice available for booking appointments 24/7.
  • Save front office staff time and energy.
  • Qualify your patients before they arrive for their appointment.




Improve patient communication with an automatic and effortless way to confirm appointments via text, email and voice. Your patients can receive appointment reminders directly to their mobile phones, getting them that much closer to their hearing loss solution.

  • Lower your no-show and cancellation rates and revenue lost.
  • Track reminder performance with easy-to-use dashboard.
  • Customize scripts for your text, email, & voice appointment reminders.



See for yourself how these three features can improve performance and productivity in your practice, and make the lives of your staff that much easier this time of year.


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