Bryan Trudel
Senior Software Engineer (and resident Dark Lord)
Location: Chilliwack, British Columbia, Canada

My family consists of my beautiful wife, Angela, 2 grown kids (Mason and Hannah), and 2 small dogs (Pixie and Griffin – who demand our full attention).

After dropping out of high school, I obtained my Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Information Systems – focusing solely on networking, system administration, security skills, and swearing that I’d NEVER be a programmer.

After running a paint store, I ventured into web freelancing and did a stint at a mobile games company (programmer to project manager, and everything in between). I later found myself working for agencies in downtown Vancouver, doing, of all things, programming. That was when I figured, if this is where the universe wants to take me, so be it, I shall be a programmer.

I managed to work my way up to Senior Software Engineer, with various team lead positions throughout my career, and continue to do so here at Sycle. Years ago, at University, I swore I’d never be a programmer. Today, I strive to continue learning and evolving my programming skills. In this career, there is ALWAYS something new to learn.

What I Do at Sycle
I started as a Senior Engineer at Sycle, helping build out our software services, and have worked up to a Team Lead with one of our internal teams. I really love working with an excellent group of people in a collaborative team environment at Sycle. I appreciate the freedom to design and develop the software that we use. There can be a lot of complicated logic taking place in our platform, and I enjoy being able to devise ways to build out intricate methods of applying this logic to the system.

When I’m Not Working
I’m a huge comic book nerd with a sizable collection of comics spanning the 80s, and 90s – including a first edition of Heavy Metal, and a first print of the Stephen King and George Romero classic, Creepshow.

But, my true love lies with Horror movies and the entire Horror genre – a love that dates back to when I was a little. My all-time favorite movie is Return of the Living Dead. I even attend a yearly Horror Con in Calgary where I (AKA The Dark Lord) partake in the entire horror culture with other like-minded weirdos.

Rounding out my hobbies: crocheting, calligraphy, and accompanying my wife on her off-road Jeep adventures.

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