Organizing and making preparations within your practice before celebrating the holiday season is a great way to ensure your holiday is stress-free. While this time of year usually means planning celebrations with friends and family, it’s been an unprecedented year and there’s a lot to consider before your practice takes a break for the holidays. 

Here are a few helpful tips to prepare your practice for the holidays, and even kick the new year off right:

  • Communicate your office’s holiday hours. Informing your patients of amended hours and what to do for emergency treatment should be done as soon as possible. Communicating in a newsletter, holiday card, phone message or place signage visible to patients in your lobby or window.
  • Add extra openings in your appointment schedule. Last-minute emergencies are more likely to occur over the next few weeks. Adding some extra openings in your schedule – hello, Telehealth! – is a great way to keep your patients healthy and happy.
  • Create a fair holiday rotation for your staff. Everyone’s schedule is important this time of year, especially for travel or other family obligations. To keep staff morale high, plan ahead by creating a rotation in the work schedule that is fair to all your employees.
  • Spread some holiday cheer! This time of year is all about reaching out to those we care about. You work hard at building and strengthening your relationships with your patients because after all, they help your practice succeed. Take the time to extend your warmest wishes, whether it be through a newsletter, social media, or even a simple text message.

Comment below and let us know how your practice is preparing for the holidays.


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