We’re delighted that Kelsey Fleming, Sycle’s Vice President, Sales & Enterprise Services, recently discussed the patient experience with host Blaise Delfino of the Hearing Matters podcast. In this episode, Kelsey shared a number of ways that Sycle helps hearing care clinics of all sizes provide an exceptional patient experience, including:

  • How to exceed expectations
  • How the patient experience expresses what you and your staff stand for
  • How Sycle helps meet your clinic’s goals – wherever you are

“Whether it’s through small features like text messaging or offerings like telehealth appointments, Sycle adapts to changing patient demands. By prioritizing and mastering a few aspects at a time, practices can continually improve and exceed patient expectations.”

Listen to the informative discussion. You can also find and subscribe to the Hearing Matters podcast at www.hearingmatterspodcast.com or wherever you usually download podcasts.

What’s more, Kelsey will return to Hearing Matters to discuss more of Sycle’s incredible technology in depth. Subscribe now so you don’t miss out!

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