Indra Lowenstein

Indra is a multi-talented executive who has worked in many startups and technology companies in the Bay Area, such as Wired Ventures, Ozone Online, and TCHO Chocolate (yes chocolate!). Indra has been at Sycle since 2016. Her responsibilities include talent strategy, planning, and acquisition; management of performance recognition and reward processes; ensuring adherence to global compensation guidelines; employee benefits management; and the creation of employee skills-development programs.  Indra’s extensive knowledge of human resource management, payroll systems, benefits programs, accounting rules, legal matters, and leadership skills has made her a valued member of the Sycle Executive Team.

Indra grew up in Ohio, relocated to the Bay Area for 30 years, lived in Austin for 6 years, and now lives in Las Vegas with her husband and two bossy chihuahuas.

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